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What Is Austwide Feedlots

FREEWARE Windows only software program to manage small to medium size cattle feedlots written for Australian users.
While this is FREEWARE it is fully featured covering most cattle feedlot needs.
Just download the demonstation from the download page and judge for yourself.

Some Features

On screen help for most sections. Help can also be accessed from menu.
Many reports both on screen and printed as hard copy.
Provision for up to 5 individual cattle weighings with weight gain, number
days between weighings, percentage gain recorded.

Withholding periods for drugs local & ESI available.
Feeding is by Pen Number Only with average cost for each beast in
that pen transferred to respective cattle record.
Drug and Feed item quantity balance remaining maintained.
Ear Tags, Visual NLIS Tags, Scan NLIS Tags/Bolus Tags, Tail Tags/Permit Number all recorded.
Provision for charging Supervision if required.
Provision to apply GST when and if required.
Provision to record  detailed cattle disposal information including
abattoir kill sheet data for each beast.
Days in feedlot tracking for each beast.
Up to 99 different pens supported.
Easy to use menu driven operation. Just click menu item required.

More Description

Beast identification is by way of up to 9 character EAR TAGS. Note that Ear Tags are the heart & soul of this program even though NLIS Tags are also supported.
If cattle in your feedlot are NOT identified by EAR TAG then this program is not for you.
Note..ONLY allows ONE owner with cattle in the feedlot. This can be either the Operator's cattle or a single external owner;s cattle.
Each beast may receive a maximum of 12 drugs. New cattle entering the feedlot can have initial drugs recorded automatically if set.
Pen feeding has a maximum of 12 feed items allowed each feed with the addition of hay if included. Feed items are either [solid] or [liquid] and recorded as such.
A specialised report is available for each beast with all the data necessary for possible audit tracing. Indeed a lot of this program is built around maintaining sufficient data for any audit requirements for cattle, drugs
and feeds.
There are too many reports to list. Best to install and run the demonstration program to view same.
Reports can be viewed or printed any number of times.
There is no provision to record data directly from electronic scales.
However the program can process the .csv (text) files downloaded from such scales.

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